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Shatta Wale told me he wanted to be like Sarkodie – Mr Logic



Shatta Wale told me he wanted to be like Sarkodie

Dancehall promoter Mr. Logic revealed that Tema-born musician Sarkodie is the target of Shatta Wale’s intense jealousy.

He claims that Shatta Wale wishes he had accomplished all of Sarkodie’s accomplishments in his career because he is jealous of what Sarkodie has accomplished.


Mr. Logic clarified that Shatta Wale once told him that he wanted his career to be just like Sarkodie while they were very close to the self-proclaimed Dancehall King.

This was revealed by Mr. Logic in a video that has now gone viral.


“Obidi, you are too big. Anytime this guy picks up a phone and you hear him insulting, you just forget about him. The boy is jealous of you. It’s been a long since Shatta Wale said he wanted to be like Sarkodie. Go and ask Deportee,” he said.

Since the year 2024 began, Mr. Logic and Shatta Wale have been at odds with one another, which has caused each of them to level accusations against one another.


Shatta Wale publicly claimed that Mr. Logic had asked him for momo. Mr. Logic has refuted this claim and has even put a flyer on his timeline asking for more people to donate momo.

On the other side, Mr. Logic disclosed that Shatta Wale engages in sexual activity with his sister at his studio.


It appears that there is still battling between these two major actors in the industry, so we should prepare for more.


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